Human Rights Policy

GISCO is committed to the protection and advancement of human rights in its operations. We shall conduct our business in an ethical and responsible manner that supports and respects the protection of human rights. We shall work to identify and do business with partners who aspire in the conduct of their businesses to ethical standards consistent with this policy.

Legal Compliance

At a minimum, GISCO will comply with all the local and national laws regarding human rights and workers’ rights where the company conducts its business.

Child Labour

The UAE laws prohibit child labour and Target shall not employ children on any of their sites.

Forced Labour

GISCO will not engage in the use of slave, bonded or other forced involuntary labour.


GISCO will pay wages that meet or exceed the legally required wages, or where no wage law exists, the local industry standard.

Working hours

GISCO shall comply with the local, emirates and national laws and industry practices in working hours.

Harassment and Violence

GISCO is committed to a working environment that is free of harassment, based on legally protected characteristics. Any type of violence or threat of violence in the workplace will not be tolerated.


GISCO censures and prohibits discrimination against any person in any term, condition or privilege of employment because of race, colour , religion, sex, age, national origin, disability , veteran status, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected under applicable employment laws of the UAE.

Health and Safety

GISCO commitment to a place that is safe and healthy and operations that are environmentally sustainable is specifically set forth in our global environment, safety and health policies and procedures.