Chairman’s Message

Worldwide competition accelerated by globalization is taking place at a rapid pace and posing challenges to both the private and public sectors. Bin Hamoodah Group is ready for the challenges that businesses face in today’s market.

Since its inception and as the President of the Group,I have been privileged to witness Bin Hamoodah evolve into a mature and efficient organization. This has been made through a healthy relationship we have maintained with our clients, business partners and customers over the years.

Thanks to the far-sighted vision and policies of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the UAE Government, the political environment and economic conditions in the country remain stable and promising. This has helped us expand our presence nationally and internationally through mutually rewarding relationships. With our business partners, we continue to assist in the growth and expansion of the infrastructure and economy in the UAE.

This would not have been possible without the close co-operation and support of our dedicated employees. Our decision to invest in people who share the vision of the Group has been rewarding for they relentlessly implement our strategies while enhancing the quality of service and commitment made to clients and consumers.

We will continue to focus on investing funds in existing businesses to improve product quality and increase productivity. We will support longterm growth in selecting activities and markets where we see ourselves both now and in the future having a distinctive role and leadership.

H.E. Faraj Ali Bin Hamoodah