Water & Wastewater Treatment

Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance

GISCO is one of the leading contractors in water and wastewater treatment and water desalination systems. We are committed to providing first class services, and to offering clients a strong local support along with the latest technology in the field of water and wastewater treatment. GISCO prides itself with its specialized skills in design and detailed engineering.

GISCO offers a comprehensive range of services for : Process Water Treatment for Industry, Water Desalination by Reverse Osmosis, Sewage Treatment, Industrial Effluent Treatment, Water Disinfection, Pump Houses, Domestic Water Supply, Main Water and Sewerage Lines, Water Booster Station, Upgrading of existing services irrigation networks , PLC Control, SCADA and Telemetry Systems for these processes, Specialty Chemicals and Concessions in water and Wastewater Treatment. Its clients include Municipalities, Property Developers, Oil and Petrochemical Companies, Directorate of Military Works (DMW) and various government departments and agencies.

We are actively involved in :

Water Desalination and Purification Systems

  • Industrial and Commercial RO System
  • Residential RO Systems

Water Treatment Systems

  • De-Ionizer
  • Softener
  • Chemical Injection System

Water Filtration Systems

  • Automatic and Manual Filtration
  • River/Well Water Purification System
  • Filtration System for Iron, Magnesium amd TSS removal

Water Recycle Systems

  • Industrial Wash Water Recycle Systems
  • Grey Water Recycle Systems
  • Biological Treatment Systems
  • Grease Treatment Systems
  • Oil Water Separators
  • Ozone Water Treatment Systems
  • Marine Systems
  • Industrial Waste Water Recycle Systems

Sewage Treatment Plants

  • Batch Operation Systems
  • Convential Extended Aeration Technology
  • Submerged Aerated Flotation
  • Dissolved Air Flotation
  • Electro-coagulation
  • Membrane Bioreactor
  • Oil Water Separator

Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Commodity Chemicals
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals

Our Activities Can Be Summarized In The Following Areas:

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment using membrane technology. This covers Ultra Filtration, Nano - Filtration and R / O (Reverse Osmosis).
  • Assembly and Upgrading of Desalination Systems based on Reverse Osmosis.
  • Water filtration systems, equipment, media and spares.
  • Pre-treatment of R / O and MSF plant and units
  • Specialty chemicals and functional polymers for specific applications like anti - scalants, antifoam, dispersants, cleaning chemicals, biological control, and anti - corrosion products.
  • Chemical dosing and metering pumps with possible input / output control logic.
  • Water quality monitoring analytical and digital equipment for process control and instrumentation.
  • Laboratory equipment and field use test units/kits.
  • Process pumps for acid, alkali and other corrosive chemical transfer.
  • Specific analysis: scales, deposits, sludge & metal constituents.
  • On-line tube cleaning systems and debris filters.

A Broad Outline Of The Product Range Covered Will Be:

  • Membranes: different size ranges and material, including the widely used thin film Composite polyamides.
  • Pressure vessels: different size ranges essentially in GRP construction to ASME Standards.
  • Cartridge Filters: wound, pleated and activated carbon to different sizes.
  • Panel mounted analytical monitoring instruments: pH, conductivity / TDS, Redox,
  • O2 analyzers, Cl2 analyzers, flow meters and sensors, mini PLC’s and other control Equipment for process plants and treatment applications.
  • Chemical dosing pumps and accessories
  • Heavy-duty media filters in GRP and steel epoxy coated construction of Different size ranges with media covering sand, gravel, anthracite activated carbon brim, manganese green sand multimedia.
  • Chemicals: chemicals, anti-scalants, Bio-control agents, functional polymers, passivators, surfactants, formulations for cleaning inhibitors.
  • Process equipment: Water desalination skids based on Reverse Osmosis Chlorinator, degassers, absorption vessels scrubbers, Condensers, debrisfilters and On-line tube cleaning systems.
  • Operation and maintenance services