GISCO operates its own range of fabrication, and assembly facilities  located at the Mussafah Industrial Area in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

The facilities have been inspected and certified by Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority. They are equipped with all the necessary equipment which enable us to handle all aspects of Fire Protection & Security contracts – from the simplest to the most complex


Teams of skilled personnel are assigned at these facilities, all equipped with the necessary technical competence to perform tasks such as fabrication, painting, assembly, test and system verification works, tailored to our customers’ needs and requirements.

Service & Refilling Facility

  • Refilling and servicing requirements for CO2 and dry-powder portable extinguishers, FM200, Novec 1230 and Inert gas system cylinders.
  • Testing and servicing areas for Fire & Gas and Fire Protection Systems

Mechanical Fabrication & Assembly

The Facility:

  • Produces all Requirements of custom-built mechanical component for Fire Protection Systems.
  • Produces fabricated, threaded and grooved pipework, welded pipe spools, pipe brackets, fire suppression system cylinder skids and enclosures, etc. for our project requirements for the Oil & Gas, Industrial and Power & Water sectors.
  • Assembly of all Fire Protection equipment into skid-mounted/enclosures is also carried out in this facility, where they are fitted-out with the cylinders, manifolds, electrical cabling, trim boards, etc.

Electrical & Electronic Workshop Facility

Design, assembly, programming, testing and inspection of a full range of custom-built, fully integrated Fire Detection, Fire & Gas, CCTV, PA/VA and Data Networking Systems (DNS) panels for the Oil & Gas, Power and Industrial, Residential & Commercial sectors.

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